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Leatherface Masks

Wear a Leatherface mask this Halloween, and portray a classic horror character. Sparse hair and stitches included. Buy a chainsaw (with or without sound), some fake blood, a few amputated limbs... and you're set.
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Platter Leatherface Shot Glasses Deluxe Leatherface Mask Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mask
Our Price: 8.99
Our Price: 3.99
Our Price: 49.99
Our Price: 47.99
Platter - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Shot Glasses - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deluxe Leatherface Adult Mask Texas Chainsaw Massacre Adult Mask
Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas too! Bottoms up with Leatherface! Let the slaughter begin Why piece together a mask, when you can buy one here!
Leatherface Foam Mask
Our Price: 54.99
Leatherface Adult Mask
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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