UpTown Halloween

In 1998, we opened our first seasonal Halloween store (SpookShop) in Bellingham, Washington. Every year since, the seasonal store reopens. Loyal customers drive down from Vancouver, Canada, and up from Seattle to see our great selection of costumes and props. In 1999, SpookShop expanded onto the internet, making us one of the oldest Halloween e-tailers. Every year, we expand our selection and categories to meet our clients' demands. We enjoy helping you get ready for Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras and all the other costuming events throughout the year. We started in Bellingham; now we sell to the whole world.

SpookShop.com award

We've been awarded "2008 Best of Bellingham - Mail Order Service"

Why Buy Halloween Costumes Here?

SpookShop.com's buying team is sometimes referred to as "the moles," as they often scramble through dark, cobwebby places to find the unique products that you find in our online Halloween store. We carry the usual licensed costumes ranging from Disney's Belle to Michael Myers from Halloween. But we pride ourselves in also finding products you won't find on more conventional sites, like The Extreme Halloween Collection CD, which features Original music from classic horror films such as Psycho, The Omen, Halloween and The Shining. No other Halloween website carries this CD. We're also quite proud of our changing portraits.

Our buyers find items like this and say,
Wow! We have to have it - because we know you will want it.

Customer Reviews:

"I just had to send an e-mail and thank you so very much!! I have never had such a wonderful online shopping experience! Your customer service reps are super friendly and respond very quickly with helpful information. I also received my item in record time!! Thank you again!!" - Rachel

"I was stuck trying to find a last minute Halloween costume for my child. This transaction was amazingly fast! My item shipped the same day I ordered it and thanks to the seller - my child had an adorable costume in time for Halloween! Thanks so much!" - Bridgette

"Due to a glitch they were unable to send me the item by the time requested. Regardless, stuff happens and their customer service reps were super attentive and accommodating. This alone earns my vote." - Edward

"Awesome Masks, Fast Service, SpookShop RULES!!!" - Myra

"The Colonial Girl costume was perfect for my daughter's class field trip. The price was great! My daughter is 8 years old and petite, so I purchased a size small. In my opinion, the costume runs a little big. She looked cute and very colonial! We loved it!" - Lisa

"The 1st Queen Tiara was broken, but they sent another in much better condition - no extra charge. Great work, & the Tiara will look great for my friend's costume." - William

"Oh My God Oh My God!!! It's Here!!!!  Like Christmas morning I woke up and took my dog to the bathroom and by God there it was!!!  Just waiting there and when I opened it, it was better than I thought it would was!!!  That made my day, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Diane you really pulled threw, thank you! I would love to give feedback so if you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction I will gladly give you a rating!  I can't believe it came, thank you!" - Luke

These are a sample of our reviews. We included reviews that involved problems - and, more importantly, solutions. We strive to provide you with great service, regardless of the circumstances.